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Chopping things into little bits is strangely therapeutic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ae8rbqRgGFA
ElChap0 wrote on Malikin "Snowmech" Detroy's profile.
Happy samsie birthday fellow Testie!
ElChap0 wrote on Blind Owl's profile.
Happy samsie birthday fellow Testie!
I'm back! (again)

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Post Your Citizencon 2018 Pictures Here!!

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Lets try to collate all our Citizencon 2018 pictures into this thread!

[Video] Star Citizen roadmap update Sept 28

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Im in the midst of re-organizing my office space, but here is a quick video on the latest roadmap!

My Team's entry in CIG's Prospector Commercial Contest

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"The MISC Prospector; Tools For Those Who Work" This is our team's entry into the Star Citizen MISC Prospector Commercial Contest. The video had to be no longer than two minutes and use only original or official Star Citizen music, sound, and imagery. All footage in our video was recorded in-game by us at 3440x1440 (21:9). All sound effects are either directly from the game or part of the original score. Here is our entry on Spectrum: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/...pector-commercial-contest-submissions/1458894 Hope you all enjoy. The contest ended last night... no idea when the results will be announced.

[Video] - State of the Squadron 33

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Blame Munken.